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bells_love's Journal

Bells' Love

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Hey guys,

first of all:
Tnx so much to the lovely ladies all over the world I found while collecting these items.
It isn't always easy to be a fan if you are on the "wrong" continent ;)
Collecting these stuff means so much to me. But - it is NOT my life!
My life is my family our home our friends... but my collection is a little part of my life that I enjoy very much.

I'm no cosplayer and I'm not interested in any completeness of items.
I don't buy items that I don't like to wear.
I love to match the stuff with pieces of my own clothes that I often find in UK or cool stores here.
Maybe I'm wearing Bella's AE Bomber jacket with a chiffon dress and the BD2 boots with it.
That's so totally me.
And leather jackets and hoodies.. I don't know how much are "living" in my wardrobe... but I love them all *LOL

I'm mummy of two tiny little girlies - and I'm married with a wonderful man.